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Our Mission

People Requiring Equality within System Systems (PRESS) New Mexico was birthed out of a need for our community to take care of our own.  We fight all social injustice issues with an emphasis on racial inequality.  It is on us to make our city, our state, and our America what it should be; a safe place for every human to live and thrive without fear of being murdered or placed in prison by institutions put in place to harm rather than help us.  We support our homeless population by hitting the streets and passing out much needed food and toiletry items.  


We strive to change the narrative!  We support and fight for legislation that will truly put people over politics!  We fight to uplift and elevate those who will help us dismantle white supremacy. 


We don’t want to be here but we HAVE to be here, so here we will stand until we have true equality for all!!!  The time to do what is right is now!  We got work to do.  Let’s PRESS!!! 

High Fives

“Brick by brick we will tear down one block of injustice and replace it with sustained change. We will PRESS on!”

In the News

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